This Amazing Device Will Make You Rethink The Traditional Way Of Watching TV!

Want a new expensive 4K TV?  Check out this product first - It will save you thousands of dollars…

Modern 4K TVs are a good choice for home theatres, but they are not portable and can cost months of your salary for a good one. We've all got bills to pay and can't really afford that! 

Having an expensive TV sat only in one room is a huge drawback for people who lead an active lifestyle and are always on the go. 

If you want to replace your ageing TV, making presentations in the office, put on cartoons anywhere for the kids or play films on an outside wall in the summer months - then read on. 

What Is It?

It's called NanoHD. The NanoHD is a premium HD projector that's as big and portable as a book

Design engineers in Japan have crammed all the power, brightness and awesomeness of an expensive projector into this tiny book-sized box! 

Now you can project your favourite movies, phones or watch TV on any wall, anywhere and in high-quality 1080p.

The NanoHD can handle inputs of from HDMI, AV, CVBS and even USB - meaning you can project literally anything on it! 

Its brightness is a stunning 800 Lumens. Not only surprising for a unit so small but 800 lumens is also considered by many the 'sweet spot' - not too bright that it hurts the eyes and causes headaches, but easily bright enough to use during daytime in the shade.

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How Does it Work?

1) Plug it in and face it at a wall, ceiling, blinds, garage door - whatever! 

2) Simply focus the picture using the lens dial – No professionals needed here. Anyone can do it, it takes 10seconds!

3) Press Play – just like that, you can relax and get immersed in a film or start your presentation. 

Congratulations, you've now saved a ton of money on that expensive 4K TV you were going to buy!

"I spent thousands of dollars on my last TV. Decided to try a projector and I'm more than impressed with the Nano..." 

The Best Part: 

The biggest 4K TV is only 100inches and costs a ridiculous $539,000 to buy and then another $40,000 to install...

Meanwhile, the NanoHD portable projector will turn YOUR LIVING ROOM into a COMPLETE Home Theater, blasting up to 220 inches screen size on your wall, in full HD, for a fraction of the price!

How cool is that?!

"Our Netflicks nights are now a different dimension of awesome watching on the NanoHD with popcorn! "

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

With all the power, technology and innovation NanoHD provides, you'd think it would cost a few thousand dollars like most other projectors, right?

Wrong! The company behind NanoHD made it both incredibly tiny and affordable. 

Here's The Catch:
Part of the reason the price can be this low is that they store NanoHD stock in China. You order and they ship directly to your door. This cuts out expensive middlemen, storage fees, handling costs and is a big reason the Nano costs under $120 and not $1-2k like all other projectors.

But, you'll need to wait up to 30days for yours to arrive. (Arrives typically between 7-11 days for US, UK or EU orders. Worldwide orders can take up to 30 days.) 

It retails at the 50% discount only online and you can purchase it on their official website here.

Don't wait till it's too late! Xmas is coming and the Nano is a VERY popular product selling out quick! 

Where can I buy one?

We’d strongly recommend using the Official Discount Page Here. It has fantastic deals like 34% off (when ordering a few)

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NanoHD now even comes with FREE shipping.

*Please note shipping can take up to 30days, (for US, UK or EU orders - typically 7-11 days) but it's at no extra cost to you.

Here's a tip:
 NanoHD is a great gift for anyone who watches TV, films often, or for kids cartoons also!

NOTE: "Remember, as they are so popular AND on sale at the moment and shops are buying them in bulk to sell on for easy profit, the demand is skyrocketing right now. So please allow 1-4 weeks for shipping. It ships globally."


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