Older Drivers See Stunning Results In New 'Night Vision' Glasses

By Richard Shawcross

Now you can drive at night without being blinded by dangerous headlamp glare and eye strain...

The glare from bright streetlights and headlights in the night causes older drivers dangerous distractions, eye strain and ultimately accidents!

Studies show older drivers are at risk when driving at night. Fatal crashes are 4X more likely to occur at night, than during the day. Fatigue, bad light, and other drivers under the influence are all factors.

Our eyes naturally deteriorate over time, making them unfocused and ineffective at filtering out bad lights and bright glare. 

It is known that headlamp glare from oncoming traffic is a massive contributor to the road traffic accident problem. Looking into the harsh glare from car lights causes you to tire quickly. It puts a horrible, damaging strain on your eyes - similar to when you look at the sun!

Even those who don't need normally wear prescription glasses or have bad eyesight, still suffer when driving at night. That is why we often feel exhausted after driving in night conditions.

Safety analysts agree that reducing harsh oncoming traffic light will increase your reaction time, and lower stress levels - lowering your risk of an accident significantly.  

Ex-Cop says these glasses are a must-have for driving at night...

The talented engineers over at DaySight came up with a pair of driving glasses that turn your blurry and glaring night time commute into a crystal clear breeze. The revolutionary anti-glare lenses make quick work of the blur that pollutes your vision from street lamps, traffic lights, oncoming traffic's' headlights, and more!

The difference is unbelievable. It indeed turns night into day! With better night time vision while driving, you can maneuver and position yourself with great ease. The safety rating of your drive increases exponentially. Just see below - The headlights on the left side glare, making them look up to 300% their normal size. On the right, the polarized lenses flood out the glare and give a much more HD view of the road!

We tested it out for ourselves…

As a 45 y/o who gets off of work in the evening hours, I am familiar on a daily basis with the perils of driving at night, especially in rush hour. The number of accidents I have seen is more than I would like. The glasses were average sized and nicely styled, so I don't look ridiculous in them. They sat comfortably on my nose and ears without leaving red marks, gave my eyes complete protection, including the peripherals!

My eyes aren't too bad and I only use reading glasses sometimes, but the difference was astonishing! With cars facing towards me from oncoming traffic, their headlights no longer glared into my eyes and instead seemed much more soft and subtle. The yellow tint of the lenses brightened dark areas of the road and softened the bright parts...thus creating a very uniform high definition vision field. It was like viewing the road from an HD TV screen! You HAVE to try these HD night driving glasses!

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The verdict: The results are as clear as the vision they provide. If you ever drive at night, then protect your eyes from glaring light strain and better improve your vision and safety. If you're not happy with it, you can always return it for a full refund. THEY EVEN FIT RIGHT OVER YOUR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES!

*Update: Monday, March 12, 2018* - Evening commuters all agree that these are must have glasses for night driving. Since launching earlier this year, the DaySight Driving Glasses are so popular it has sold over 425,000 units and over 30,000 units during its New Year's sale. Due to its popularity and long waiting list, they’ve decided to extend their holiday discount of 50% off. 

Here's a tip: "DaySight Glasses are a great gift for anyone who drives. Regardless of age or eye health - they'll literally 'see the benefit!'"



(Sourced from the product company's website and Facebook page.)
· Verified Buyer
I have had trouble with night driving for many years, due to the oncoming headlights blinding me. These glasses make the lights look yellow, and take away most of the brightness and glare, making a big difference. I would recommend these to anybody with the same problem.
· Verified Buyer
All I can say is, where have these been for the last 26 years they are absolutely fantastic! I honestly didn't think they'd be as good as they are, but it's goodbye to those horrible dazzling blueish white headlights on new cars these days, and hello to nice mellow yellow lights.

I've always hated being dazzled, to the point my eyes hurt and I really had trouble to stay looking forward and having to slow down as I felt I may crash and now I can drive safely and at a constant speed.

They are very well made, really good value for money and excellently packaged.

Very very happy!
· Verified Buyer
70 year old version of Reg Molehusband spotted wearing trendy driving specs in Black Country.
Ignoring that I look an idiot (with or without these specs) they seem to do the job and reduce the glare of other peoples lights.
Luckily a rare event had occurred and there is snow in the Black country so I can assess the usefulness for snow driving. They are good at reducing the glare of too much whiteness. All in all they do what they are advertised to do and even came with a mini screwdriver for any spectacle adjustments that may become necessary
· Verified Buyer
OMG these got delivered today and I have to say they are brilliant! My drive home from work this evening which is usually stressful as I drive along a busy, hilly, twisty back road where the bright glaring headlights these days usually blind me! But, with these glasses it was great even when vehicles were coming at me over the brow of the hill. As I drive to work and back in the dark every day these are going to save me a whole lot of stress! Speedy delivery too. Thank you and I wish I'd discovered them years ago. They are light weight and fit very comfy over my glasses.
· Verified Buyer
I drove in these last night for the first time and it was a 100% improvement if you wear perscription glasses these fit perfectly over them, I also have one eye that doesn’t dilate anymore and it was even good for that eye so if you have normal eyes then these glasses should please you.
I had stopped driving at night because the lights were to bright, but now I certainly won’t mind night driving that’s for sure.
· Verified Buyer
Very pleased with these over glasses i bought on persanal recommendation.
They fit comfortably over my glasses and look good.
Gives much better vision for night driving (With a yellow tint) especially when wet condition.
· Verified Buyer
Really comfortable - very light so you barely notice them. Really wide field of view so ideal for driving. Really helps make the road and other cars a lot clearer - especially at dusk and dawn - makes the road seem a lot more like daylight. It’s easier to pick out different road hazards, cars, pedestrians when wearing them. Great at night to reduce dazzle. I used to find myself squinting a lot when driving but not when wearing these. Helped reduce fatigue headaches when driving for hours at a time. Recommended for anyone driving!
· Verified Buyer
Tried these for the first time last week. Living in a village without street lighting I came out to the main road where a car came from my right, it was not until it dipped the lights that I realized the full beam had been on. I was pleased with that. I drove the twenty miles to where I was going and was very pleased with the vision they gave me. One problem I find is when a car comes towards you as the lights pass there is a split second that you cannot see beyond it's lights and with people walking around in dark clothes on unlit roads, this can make things dangerous. With less dazzle one can see along the edge of the road much easier when a vehicle passes. One thing I always enjoyed in France years ago was the yellow headlamps as there is a lot less dazzle from them. These glasses do a similar thing. My wife tried them on a ninety mile trip and thought the same as me, so now I am about to order her a pair.
· Verified Buyer
These appear to be very effective. They come complete with a strong case, cleaning cloth, pouch, and even a key ring screwdriver set. It should be understood rear rage polarizing effect is to turn polarised light, suck as reflections on a wet or shiny surface, a darker shade of yellow ( net dark grey) which is entirely appropriate fo night vision. Good buy and a welcome find.
· Verified Buyer
As I have got older and car headlights have got brighter I was starting to dread night time driving. Well no more, these glasses are brilliant. They reduce glare and make driving so much more comfortable and safe. I would recommend these to anyone who finds night time driving a problem.
· Verified Buyer
Just used em tonight very pleased with them I was a bit apprehensive at first in case they dimmed the surrounding area but they don't they make oncoming headlights slightly yellow to stop the glare would highly recommend if you feel head lamps are causing visual problems.
· Verified Buyer
These are amazing, night time driving not my favourite because of the bright headlights, but now these glasses have been excellent for taking the blinding headlights right out of my eyes, everything has tint of yellow ish, my partner likes them, now have to buy another pair, worth the money, definitely.